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Machine Embroidery Design Icon Our Lady of Kazan

In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the ICON OUR LADY OF KAZAN is one of the most revered and beloved by people. It is considered miraculous, able to heal illnesses, guard from harm, and even protect the homeland from enemy invaders. Images copied from the icon are often kept at home so that in difficult moments of life people could address prayer to the patron Saint and ask her to help.

According to the traditional version the original icon was brought to Russia from Constantinople in the 13th century, but the history of miracles associated with it, began somewhat later. For almost three centuries, the sacred image was gone from sight, but was again found in 1579. That year a major fire happened in Kazan and destroyed a huge part of the city. Little daughter of the merchant Matrona pointed out a place on the ashes, where the icon was eventually found under the debris of one burned house. The image was absolutely unscathed and had shining bright colors like fire hadn’t touched it. The girl shared that in a dream she had seen the Virgin Mary who told her to come to the fire scene and get her Holy Face out of the rubble. Later, a women’s monastery was built there, the first abbess of which was the same Matrona.

Machine Embroidery Design Icon Our Lady of Kazan


Size: 162.8×199.6 mm (6.41×7.86 “), Stitches: 122 401
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, .xxx

A few exact copies were made from the ICON OUR LADY OF KAZAN, which are still preserved in Russian churches. They are considered no less important and valuable than the original, stolen by criminals in the early twentieth century and completely lost now. One of the most widely known is the “Vatican” image that came abroad in the 50-ies and became an exhibit in a private collection in Portugal. In 1970, after long negotiations, the icon was purchased and enshrined in Fátima in a Russian temple. It returned home only in 2004 as a gift in honor of the Pope’s visit to Russia, and Fátima got a perfect copy.

Under the patronage of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2011, the ICON OUR LADY OF KAZAN went into space along with members of the “Yuri Gagarin” spaceship crew and was delivered to the ISS. Since that time Theotokos of Kazan is kept in the Russian segment of the station and protects the brave space explorers far away from home.

Machine Embroidery Design Icon Our Lady of Kazan can become a wonderful gift or take pride of place in your house. To create a neat pattern on fabric, most similar to the Face of the Saint, use the presented machine embroidery design from Royal Present Embroidery.

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Auteur: Ludmila Konovalova

Je m'appelle Lyudmila Konovalova et je dirige la broderie Royal Present. La broderie est pour moi plus qu’un métier ; c'est un héritage de mon héritage ukrainien et bulgare, où chaque femme de ma famille était une virtuose du point de croix et du point lisse. Cet art, transmis de génération en génération, fait partie de mon âme et est un symbole de fierté nationale.

Date: 10.01.2017